Training Videos

Learn more about what my3B™ Advisor offers and how to use it

Make the most of my3B™ Advisor

The following videos provide an introduction to my3B™ Advisor, including its general approach, an overview of the system, and how to make the best use of my3B™ reports.

Introduction to behavioral finance

Find out why a behavioral approach is important for financial professionals.

Introduction to the my3B™ approach and system

Get an overview of what my3B™ measures, how it works, and why you should use it.

Take a hands-on look at the my3B™ system that will help you get started in minutes.

The my3B™ Advisor reports

Watch a quick introduction to the insights that you and your clients receive from my3B™ reports.

Hear our thoughts on how to approach your clients based on their assessment results.

Learn more about my3B™ reports’ structure and content.

Business development with my3B™ Advisor

Find out why we think my3B™ is a powerful tool to strengthen and grow your financial advisory.

my3B™ Advisor dimensions

Behavioral coaching