my3B™ Enterprise

Motivate employees to take positive financial action

Incorporate financial awareness into your employee wellness program

The my3B™ Enterprise tool measures biases, behavioral preferences, and blindspots in financial decision-making with a focus on retirement preparedness. 

The assessment takes an engaging, quiz-based approach. It contains 49 questions and takes less than 20 minutes to complete.

Upon completion of the questionnaire, you’ll be notified, and your employees will receive their comprehensive report, packed with insights they can act on today.

Promote self-aware decision-making

my3B™ Enterprise is specifically created to improve awareness and interest in financial planning for the future.

Boost engagement with retirement planning

The assessment uncovers biases, behavioral preferences, and blindspots in financial decision-making with a focus on retirement preparedness.

Track uptake and measure results

Employees receive personalized reports and you’re notified, too, so you can measure program success and plan further programs if necessary.

Help your employees turn insights into action


The my3B™ Enterprise assessment is designed to raise employees’ awareness of the need for financial planning and develop an understanding of the psychological factors that may affect financial decision-making.


The report provides analyses and enables individuals to recognize gaps between attitudes and behavior, which generates the motivation to become more engaged.


Finally, the report offers practical recommendations for action to overcome mental and behavioral pitfalls and make decisions that contribute to long-term financial security.

How it works

It’s easy to roll out my3B™ Enterprise in your organization.


Upload employee names and emails via an Excel file.


Send emails with an assessment invite with just one click.


Upon completion, your employee receives a personalized report and you receive a confirmation.

When it comes to your employees’ financial future, lost time means lost money. Register now with your email address and receive a complimentary assessment to learn how you can help your employees to start preparing today.