my3B™ Advisor

Insights that acquire and retain clients

Build Real Advisor Alpha

If at times you feel you are not in the money management business but rather in the behavioral management business, you are right!

According to research, 93.6% of the value of financial planning is delivered via behavioral management of clients. Studies show that behavioral management can add between 2% to 5% in annual returns.

We can help you generate this alpha on a more consistent basis, enhancing the value you add as an advisor.

Know your client like never before

Use my3B™ Advisor to measure biases, behavioral preferences, and blindspots in your clients’ financial decision-making and coach them to make better choices. my3B™ Advisor is an engaging, deep-dive behavioral assessment with 28 questions that takes only 10 minutes to complete.

Onboard new clients with greater ease

Once your client completes the assessment, the my3B™ Advisor engine analyzes the data and generates two comprehensive reports–one for your client and one for you. This provides a strong foundation for a more in-depth understanding and discussion into motivations, anxieties, and goals, allowing you to make the right recommendations for your clients.

Reduce risk and improve ROI

In an independent research study, 75% of study participants* said my3B™ Advisor increased their intention to seek financial advice. On average, they’d pay 19% more for advice after taking the assessment.

How does my3B™ Advisor benefit your clients?


The my3B™ Advisor assessment is designed to raise clients’ awareness of psychological factors that may affect their financial decision-making and demonstrates the importance of professional financial planning.


The report provides analyses and enables individuals to recognize gaps between beliefs and knowledge, which generates motivation to become more engaged.


Finally, the report offers practical recommendations for action to overcome mental and behavioral pitfalls and make decisions that contribute to long-term financial security.

How it works

It’s easy to conduct a my3B™ Advisor assessment


Add a client to your account – a name and email address are all that’s required.


Invite your client to take the assessment via a system generated email link.


Upon completion, personalized client and advisor reports are generated and emailed.

Take a test drive of the my3B™ Advisor process. Register now with your email address and receive a complimentary assessment so that you can transform your practice with the power of behavioral finance.

The Behavioral Finance Network

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