Financial Advisors

Build stronger client relationships through behavioral insights

Build lasting client relationships

Every financial advisor knows that trusted client relationships form the cornerstone of a successful advisory practice–and many believe this takes a lot of time. We don’t.

We can help you build trust in a short period of time by having great conversations. Our solutions set the stage for a discussion on what motivates and worries your clients, while helping them overcome inertia to take positive action.

In this era of robo-advisors and chatbots, use our solutions to showcase your value as an advisor and position yourself as a trusted expert in your client’s mind.

Stand apart by using a behavioral approach


Create a unique
client bond

Grow deeper, stronger, and more profitable relationships


Help clients understand

Offer in-depth behavioral analysis as a value-added service


Acquire and keep
more clients

Increase conversions, client retention, and referrals

Introducing my3B™ Advisor

my3B™ Advisor from Syntoniq is a unique, custom-developed psychological assessment tool for financial advisors. It provides you and your clients with accurate insight into the biases, behaviors, and blindspots that may be affecting the way they make investment decisions, and by extension the achievement of their financial goals.

With years of experience in financial planning and management, we understand that you deliver the best results when you share a bond of trust, empathy, and open communication with your clients. Syntoniq helps you develop and enhance these with the my3B™ behavioral tool.

For your clients, taking the assessment is the first step on a journey of self-discovery. It helps them to see past the way they think they think – a starting point for positive action and a secure financial future.

Act in your clients’ best interests

Overcome inertia

Help your clients realize the need for a disciplined and professional approach to financial planning.

Strengthen decision-making

Increase your clients’ self-awareness of what drives their decisions, enabling them to make more considered choices.

Improve results

Deliver better growth – studies show that client behavioral management improves portfolio value.

We’d like to invite you to a complimentary assessment where you’ll be given the opportunity to experience the my3B™ tool for yourself and explore the possibilities.


Use behavioral science to improve decision-making in your organization, or build a portfolio of thought leadership in the industry in partnership with Syntoniq. We have worked with companies around the world on behavioral finance projects, from purpose-built assessments to custom white papers. To learn more about how Syntoniq can help, just get in touch!


Behavioral finance is an evidence-based approach that seeks to understand financial decision-making in the face of uncertainty and imperfect knowledge. Research shows that gut feelings, unconscious motivations, and decision contexts often influence choices more than the careful analysis of options. To learn more about behavioral finance, please visit our insights page.