Employee Wellness

Help your employees achieve financial wellbeing

Financially healthy employees make good business sense

Ensuring the financial wellbeing of your coworkers is good for them as well as for your bottom line. Employers around the world are investing in making their workforce more financially resilient for the future and reaping the benefits through a more confident and ultimately more productive organization. Invest in your employees’ financial wellbeing by using a behavioral approach.

The benefits of investing in employees’ financial health


85% of employers feel morally responsible for their employees’ financial wellbeing: give your employees the insight that will help them take control of their financial future.


80% of employers believe focusing on financial health improves overall engagement at work: invest in what matters most to employees and earn results in more engaged, happier workers.


$7,000 is the cost of financial stress for companies, per employee, every single year: improve employee wellbeing by helping them get closer to their financial goals.

Introducing my3B™ Enterprise

Most people just want to get on with their jobs and restrict their financial planning to contributing a minimum default amount to a retirement fund. However, the burden of providing for retirement is increasingly shifting to individuals, who need to be better engaged in managing their future finances.

Making your staff financially aware and motivated to play an active role in retirement planning is often the biggest step towards securing their financial future.

my3B™ Enterprise from Syntoniq is a unique, custom-developed behavioral assessment tool for employers looking to invest in the wellbeing of their employees. Empower your employees with insights and motivate them to take control of their financial wellbeing.

Invest in your employees and business with my3B™ Enterprise

Accessible behavioral assessment

A simple, engaging online questionnaire that takes less than 25 minutes to complete.

Analysis of hidden drivers

Provide staff with insight into what makes them tick financially – their biases, behavioral preferences, and blindspots in financial decision-making.

Indicators of financial behavior

Report includes behavioral measures of financial health and retirement readiness that motivate positive action.

We’d like to invite you to a complimentary assessment where you’ll be given the opportunity to experience the my3B™ tool for yourself and explore the possibilities.


Use behavioral science to improve decision-making in your organization, or build a portfolio of thought leadership in the industry in partnership with Syntoniq. We have worked with companies around the world on behavioral finance projects, from purpose-built assessments to custom white papers. To learn more about how Syntoniq can help, just get in touch!


Behavioral finance is an evidence-based approach that seeks to understand financial decision-making in the face of uncertainty and imperfect knowledge. Research shows that gut feelings, unconscious motivations, and decision contexts often influence choices more than the careful analysis of options. To learn more about behavioral finance, please visit our insights page.