Our People

Meet Syntoniq's team of experts

Prasad Ramani, CFA, FRM

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Prasad set up Syntoniq to address inconsistencies in traditional financial models following 18 years in quantitative risk and portfolio management. With extensive experience in banking and financial services, Prasad applies his analytical expertise to adapt behavioral models to help with financial planning.

Prasad holds an MS degree in Quantitative and Computational Finance from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Alain Samson, PhD, FRSA

Co-founder and Chief Science Officer

Alain’s experience in the behavioral sciences is an integral part of the scientific framework that Syntoniq draws on. His work focuses mainly on bridging the gap between theory and application, and plays a major part in productizing research.

Alain studied at UC Berkeley and the University of Michigan before completing a PhD in Social Psychology at the London School of Economics. He worked as a consultant for more than 10 years prior to co-founding Syntoniq. Alain is also the founder of behavioraleconomics.com and editor of the Behavioral Economics Guide.

Brian Pasalich

Co-founder and Chief Success Officer

Since a young age, Brian’s passion has been focused on serving. In high school he became an EMT volunteering on the ambulance and Search & Rescue. After graduation he served as a flight paramedic with the Army Reserve, two SWAT teams, a civilian flight paramedic for a trauma center and has also spent time providing medical care in third-world countries. Growing up in an immigrant family, Brian understood the importance of having goals and a clear direction combined with a strong work ethic. This combined with a passion for serving people helped him excel in his two-decade experience building high-end sales teams and turning teams around.

Brian has coached, trained and supported over 400 advisors during time in career and has advised/consulted multiple startups in business development, team building, and client acquisition. He is also a Mentor with the Founders Institute in Seattle, NYC & Zagreb, Croatia, and is an active volunteer & board member with multiple non-profits.

Bianca Acevedo, PhD

Principal Consultant – Behavioral Research

A social neuroscientist with a focus on interpersonal relationships, Bianca studies the neural impact of social interactions and personality dimensions. Her research establishes links between personality styles and distinct neural activation patterns, and shows how social preferences – such as those associated with familiarity, trust and empathy – shape awareness, decision-making and action-planning.

Bianca has a PhD in Social Psychology from Stony Brook University and in 2012, received the International Woman of Science Award.

Monica Capra, PhD

Principal Consultant – Behavioral Research

Monica specializes in experimental and behavioral finance with a focus on the financial decision-making process. Her research investigates how subconscious factors such as mood, mental accounts, and internal compartmentalization of risk and reward affects this process.

Monica holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Virginia and is Professor of Economics at Claremont Graduate University.

Syntoniq’s Expert Community


Syntoniq’s solutions are built on world-leading research into behavioral economics, finance, and psychology. Our sister website, behavioraleconomics.com, contains a wealth of information and showcases the most rigorous thinking in the field. The site publishes an annual guide on behavioral economics that is widely considered to be the industry’s definitive publication on the thinking, trends, and resources in the fields of behavioral economics and behavioral insights. We invite you to join the conversation and become a part of the world’s largest behavioral science community!